Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Knot experienced in weddings

Wedding jitters? If I had time to think past the wedding stress, maybe I'd have those. Nothing like a wedding to make you snap even at your own Mom.

I'm not sure why both myself and my attractive law student fiancee thought we'd plan a simple wedding in just over a month. But just when you think you've got everything mentally prepared, something else comes up that you hadn't thought of. The table cards! The exit!

It doesn't help, and I need to be careful here, that members of the female species tend to get a little ... oh what's the word ... passive aggressive? The maxim that you're supposed to read her mind and get it right every time comes across double during the couple of weeks before a wedding.

Suddenly, I'm remembering every horror story I've heard about wedding planning ... limos not showing up, brides that take one too many of (fill in the blank... Xanex, Prozac, Alcohol) something, flowers/cakes/guests not showing up.

Of course in our wedding, since most of the audience is in the wedding party, we don't have to worry about that.

I'm excited, nervous, scared of what will go wrong, but looking forward to having this behind us, and having my beautiful fiancee -- no, wife! -- back to her normal self, and back to our normal relationship.

Next: Wedding photos! Drama! Mi Mama!


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