Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Go coach go

I have to give "props" to my business coach, Kelly Fullerton. For a year and a half, she's been valuable in giving advice, but mainly listening and applying her skills in problem solving towards various problems, including managing our growth, employee issues, advertising and marketing, and even personal fitness goals of mine.

Thank you Kelly - you've been an invaluable part of our growth spurt this past year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Amazing Race. What a great show! I can't believe that up until the season premiere last week, I hadn't ever seen this show. Much faster paced than Survivor, with team dynamics that make you cheer or jeer at the personalities on this show, plus a truly international race. My new favorite for Tuesday nights.

Know what else is Amazing? Breaking news for the world here - I'm going to be a father in March! Wow. Not sure I've digested all the consequences here, but no time like the present to get used to the idea. Kind of exciting, huh?

So here I go, racing from the world of business and law, to the world of diapers and drool. Let's see how I do on this adventure!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fear Factor...

... is my new Monday addiction. I'm sure there are better shows, and Fear Factor relies on gross out and "wow" stunts rather than personalities, but somehow it's addicting, and I always find myself wondering if I can do the stunts.

The "theme" fear factors are getting a little ridiculous, like tonight's Thanksgiving Fear Factor, but I see that "couples", "newlyweds", "reality show", "celebrity", and "best friends" Fear Factors are coming up this season. Since "couples" was their best ratings since the show started in 2001, I expect you'll see even more theme shows. Maybe future hotties that win will have better mugshots taken when they get a drunk in public charge, grab a cop's crotch, and appear in the February, 2005 Playboy issue:

Monday, November 15, 2004

The Wedding

The wedding was great, and it's a cliche, but everything was beautiful and it was so great to see old family and friends that I haven't seen in forever. I have to especially thank my great friends, Krisztina and David, and our minister, Gerry Maggio -- maybe we were the first couple to have a divorce attorney who's also a minister do our marriage? Gersain and Josefina Bustos, who provided all the beautiful flowers, free of charge, were fantastic, and I can't thank everyone enough, especially my family and her family.

So that's it -- we did it! I have to say, I was REALLY apprehensive about getting married and settling down with one woman for the rest of my life (did I just admit that?), but I really, really enjoy being married. I feel more productive than I've been in years, and this feels like my natural state, which I enjoy more than I ever thought I could.

The live band was a big hit, and the chocolate fountain was REALLY a hit. Everyone kept talking about the flowers, which were truly impressive. I have to say that the 1,000 butterflies that were to be released, but just stayed in their boxes, were... well, less than impressive, and the DJ truly sucked.

I keep thinking about the weddings of good friends I've been to in the past few years, and how special I realize that now was, now that I've done it myself. I wish more of my distant friends, in California, Illinois, Nevada, and New York could have been there -- they were missed.

Overall, it was a great time. If I knew how to post pictures, believe me, I would, and they may be coming soon. And now, on to married life, and the next surprise that awaits us!