Monday, November 15, 2004

The Wedding

The wedding was great, and it's a cliche, but everything was beautiful and it was so great to see old family and friends that I haven't seen in forever. I have to especially thank my great friends, Krisztina and David, and our minister, Gerry Maggio -- maybe we were the first couple to have a divorce attorney who's also a minister do our marriage? Gersain and Josefina Bustos, who provided all the beautiful flowers, free of charge, were fantastic, and I can't thank everyone enough, especially my family and her family.

So that's it -- we did it! I have to say, I was REALLY apprehensive about getting married and settling down with one woman for the rest of my life (did I just admit that?), but I really, really enjoy being married. I feel more productive than I've been in years, and this feels like my natural state, which I enjoy more than I ever thought I could.

The live band was a big hit, and the chocolate fountain was REALLY a hit. Everyone kept talking about the flowers, which were truly impressive. I have to say that the 1,000 butterflies that were to be released, but just stayed in their boxes, were... well, less than impressive, and the DJ truly sucked.

I keep thinking about the weddings of good friends I've been to in the past few years, and how special I realize that now was, now that I've done it myself. I wish more of my distant friends, in California, Illinois, Nevada, and New York could have been there -- they were missed.

Overall, it was a great time. If I knew how to post pictures, believe me, I would, and they may be coming soon. And now, on to married life, and the next surprise that awaits us!


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