Monday, December 20, 2004

Problem Child

As a child, I had fame of some sorts for a while. The columnist for the Long Beach Press Telegram did a class visit and found out that I had returned from the country of Iran, and could read, count, and relate statistics and tales from that country. That resulted in one published column, and then another one after I took an IQ test and was found to have a 152 IQ. My parents were also given the opportunity to put me ahead a grade, but declined to do so. Looking back, I suppose more emphasis was given to sports, fitness, and learning about the outdoors I love so much as an adult, but I wouldn't give up any of the booksmarts I had back then, or the joy I had reading as a child. Although I hated the travel as a child, there's no way I'd give it up now for anything - it's a pleasure to meet people from Spain, Greece, Iran, Guatemala, and recite the phrases or discuss the country that I remember so well from childhood.


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