Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dangerous Ideas

I have to mention, and link to, a wonderful site,

John Brockman, the New York-based literary agent and publisher of The Edge website, every year poses one big question, and has the world's top scientists, thinkers, and even nobel prize winners.

The 2005 question was "What do you believe that you can't prove"? The responses were amazing.

The 2006 question is, What is your dangerous idea?

The Edge has already received 116 responses to his challenge, which he's posted on his website. Check it out.

On a totally separate note, try this quiz. Who said:

1. "Would that the Roman people had but one neck."

2. "England is a nation of shopkeepers."

3. "It is a fortunate thing for rulers that people do not think."

4. "How many battalions does the Pope have?"

5. "The guerrilla should swim like a fish in water."

6. "No sensible person would compromise his property, his security or his family just to please the liar in the White House."

Chances are the literate quizee will spot the first five (Caligula, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao) and make an informed guess at the last - the current No 1 on civilisation's most-wanted list, Osama bin Laden.


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