Friday, April 07, 2006

And in today's news...

I suppose Gweneth Paltrow won't be getting the "Mom of the year" award this year. She was spotted drinking Guinness and eating Sushi while pregnant. Both raw fish, and alcohol, are a "no no" while pregnant.

Wow. A teacher who kept a 40MM shell on his desk as a paperweight used it to squash a bug and got his hand blown off!

Cars that will park themselves, are coming up as a feature in US cars. Sit back, relax, and watch the car park itself! That's cool!

One of my favorite persons was on terrestrial radio this morning. Even though she's married to Marilyn Manson, I was really impressed after seeing her show at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana. I'm talking about Dita Von Teese.

Speaking of who was on the radio this morning, on Sirius, at the Howard Stern show, Carmen Electra gave a suprisingly candid, honest, revealing, and shocking interview this morning. Plus, as even my wife agrees, she just looks hot.

Santa's little helpers are sick -- they are molesting kids. This is the flashing light display that was all over the internet, and has a sad ending.

A bank robber came back to rob the same bank again - but the employees recognized him and locked him out!

Prosecutors, under California and Federal Law (and apparently in Florida as well), can seize assets in a drug case. Check the link for a story about prosecutors that tried to seize a defendant's gold teeth as drug contraband!

I have to give a shout out to the Skepchick blog. Rebecca Watson has some funny commentary from the world of science, and is a good writer.

The same can be said for Bad Astronomy, which is also well written, but has a cool inside perspective on all things related (no matter how remotely) to astronomy and pseudoscience.

Finally, check out the Dana Point Pilot newspaper this weekend. They interviewed me for a story on DUIs, and it should appear in the next few days. If you need an Orange County DUI Lawyer or Orange County DUI Attorney, check out


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