Friday, July 21, 2006

Where have you been?

Other than the two ladies I know read this blog (hi), I am not sure that anyone else even knows it exists. So, where have I been for three months? Well, after we got back from our Italy/Switzerland/France/UK trip, we decided to visit Disneyland for the cute kid's (below) birthday. Did he like Disneyland? Yes, although he's a little young to go on all the rides.

But something else happened - I fell in love with, maybe more like became obsessed with, Disneyland. We got annual passes, and started going every week. The great fireworks show (the best I've ever seen), the Parade, a lot of the details, and the squeaky clean, well running park, is just a joy to have dinner in, walk around in, enjoy and explore. I joined a couple of internet chat boards (micechat and mouseplanet), and organized an outing to Club 33, but since I spend a substantial amount of my time talking about Disneyland, I've neglected this blog, sadly. That will change, however, I promise, aside from the three posts today.

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