Thursday, August 10, 2006

30th Birthday

We went to the Napa Rose to celebrate my wife's 30th birthday!

First I had to look over the whole menu to see what to have... lots of great selections here.

Even the bread basket was fresh, well presented, and delicious!

The table is always well decorated, and while we're all deciding, I'll have a glass of Merlot and try a few appetizers:

(My wife's Mimosa makes a rare appearance in its "Full" state behind the red wine).

First appetizer - the chef's special. Not on the menu, these are various olives from Southern Spain and Northern Africa, that have been marinated and then fired in a wood burning oven. They were hot, but delicious, and garnished with fresh herbs.

Next appetizer was the roasted breast of duck. Wow - this was really, truly, the best duck I've ever had. Cooked to perfection (and duck can be dry or fatty), but this was tender, and delicious, served with dressed arugula:

The tadpole knows what he wants, from the kids menu, the fresh cheese pizza! Must have been delicious, as he devoured it.

He sure looks happy with his meal. All dressed up for mommy in his clean white shirt (needless to say, it didn't stay white forever):

Let me note here that the serving staff we had, the waitress, Wendy, in particular, were all so good with kids! Our kid is usually fussy at the 30 minute mark, but during a two hour dinner, they seemed to know exactly what to do to keep him occupied, and he was really happy throughout the meal.

Anyway, I had the roasted free range Somona chicken, and the birthday girl had the Angus beef tenderloin, both of which were so delicious, I didn't pause to take pictures of either. But on to dessert. I had the berry trio, which was good looking, and also delicious, and uniquely prepared:

Birthday girl had cake and ice cream, decorated in Napa Rose birthday wishes!

(The tadpole wanted to reach out and touch the "Happy Birthday" part of the plate). Of course, that went right onto his white shirt.

And here's the trio, wishing Mom a very, very, happy Birthday!


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